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Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can add a lot of character to your outdoor space and help set the mood for various activities. Whether you want to entertain outdoors, spend more time in your yard, or just get back home from work before it gets dark, adding lighting is a great way to accomplish those goals. Landscape lights are also a fantastic security feature for anyone who wants to keep their property well-lit and safe.

Landscape Lighting Services Offered

New Installations

  • Low Voltage 12 Volt Lighting Systems
  • We install systems using primarily product from FX Luminaire.

Service Calls & System Expansions

What activities do you want to do in your yard? What type of mood do you want to set? These are questions you’ll want to consider when determining where to place your lights.

Pathways – If you have walkways, pathways, or any areas that people will walk through, you’ll want to install lights in these areas. Pathways are a common area to use lights, especially if you want to create a festive or elegant mood.

Patios and Outdoor Spaces – If you have an outdoor patio or other type of entertainment area, you’ll want to light up this area. Most patio sets are designed to be well-lit and look great when illuminated.

Gardens and Flowerbeds – If you want to enhance your flowerbeds and gardens, you can install lights in these areas.

Backyard Wildlife or Fish Ponds – If you want to illuminate backyard wildlife or fish ponds, you can install lights in these areas as well.

The first thing to consider is the power source for your lights. A landscape lighting system needs a traditional plug to power the 12 volt transformer.

While the exact equipment you need for your landscape lighting project will depend on your specific needs and preferences, there are some general guidelines to follow.

Color and Material – The colour and material of your lights will largely depend on your individual preferences. All fixtures we install use LED bulbs which increasing system efficiency over traditional halogen lights.

Lumens and Wattage – The amount of light your landscape lights emit will depend on the type of lighting you use. You can calculate the amount of lumens and wattage you need by measuring the distance between the light source and the area you plan to illuminate.

Length – How long the lighting wires are also matters. The rule of thumb is that the longer the wire, the higher the likelihood of experiencing power loss.