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Landscape Lighting

Illuminate Your Outdoors with Premier Irrigation’s Landscape Lighting

At Premier Irrigation, we take pride in offering top-tier landscape lighting design and installation services. Our landscape lighting systems are designed to transform your outdoor spaces, extending your enjoyment, enhancing security, and increasing the value of your property. We exclusively use high-quality, professional-grade transformers and fixtures from industry-leading brands such as FX Luminaire. These products are renowned for their superior performance, reliability, and extended warranties.

Before providing you with an estimate, we conduct a comprehensive on-site assessment, walking through your property to understand your unique lighting needs. Your Premier Irrigation consultant will engage in a detailed discussion about fixture types, bulb sizes, spread patterns, and suggest colours and finishes that will enhance the aesthetics of your property.

Your Trusted Local Ottawa Landscape Lighting Experts

Our installation process is straightforward and hassle-free, and we ensure you are well-versed in operating the lighting controls once the job is complete. You can rely on us for year-round service and support.

Pathways – If you have walkways, pathways, or any areas that people will walk through, you’ll want to install lights in these areas. Pathways are a common area to use lights, especially if you want to create a festive or elegant mood.

Patios and Outdoor Spaces – If you have an outdoor patio or other type of entertainment area, you’ll want to light up this area. Most patio sets are designed to be well-lit and look great when illuminated.

Gardens and Flowerbeds – If you want to enhance your flower beds and gardens, you can install lights in these areas.

Backyard Wildlife or Fish Ponds – If you want to illuminate backyard wildlife or fish ponds, you can install lights in these areas.

Power Source: Ensure you have a traditional plug for the 12-volt transformer that powers your landscape lighting system.

Colour and Material: Select the color and material of your lights based on your preferences. Our fixtures use LED bulbs, offering improved efficiency over traditional halogen lights.

Lumens and Wattage: Determine the lumens and wattage you need based on the distance between the light source and the area you intend to illuminate.

Length: Keep in mind that the length of the lighting wires matters; longer wires may result in power loss.

Here are some Premier Irrigation lighting effects that will enhance your property:

Up Lighting: Strategically positioned fixtures that cast light upward to accentuate buildings, trees, and shrubs dramatically.

Down Lighting: Fixtures mounted on trees or buildings to highlight special areas like patios, flowerbeds, and sitting areas.

Spread Lighting: Ideal for illuminating ground cover and low shrubs, creating a dazzling effect in key areas.

Path Lighting: Casting a symmetrical light pattern at a low level to guide visitors and accentuate plants and shrubs along the way.

Silhouette Lighting: Adds a dramatic effect by projecting light onto vertical surfaces from behind interesting objects or plants.

Accent Lighting: Used to project a focused beam of light onto statuaries, trees, buildings, or shrubs.

Security Lighting: Spotlights and floodlights strategically placed to deter intruders and add depth to your property.

Advantages of landscape lighting:

Enhanced Aesthetics: Features that go unnoticed during the day become visible and captivating at night. Architectural details can be accentuated, creating a resort-like atmosphere.

Extended Usability: Landscape lighting extends the time you can spend outdoors. Patios, pools, and play areas become entertainment venues or tranquil spaces for relaxation.

Safety: Properly placed landscape lighting helps avoid hazards, making steps, low-hanging vegetation, elevation changes, and obstacles visible, especially for guests.

Security: A well-lit landscape deters potential intruders by eliminating dark hiding spots. It also allows homeowners and neighbors to monitor their surroundings.

Increased Property Value: Professionally installed landscape lighting not only brings your property to life but also enhances its appeal, making it more attractive to family, friends, or potential buyers.

Advantages of Low Voltage 12 Volt Lighting Systems

  • Greater Placement Flexibility: As your landscape matures, you can easily adjust the fixture placement.
  • Concealable Fixtures: Smaller fixtures can be discreetly hidden within the landscape.
  • Minimal Disruption: Installation causes minimal disruption to your plant material.
  • Safety Around Water Features: It ensures safety around water features in your landscape.
  • Direct Burial Wire: No need to bury fixtures or supply cables.
  • Energy Efficiency: Low voltage lighting provides more light per watt.

Illuminate your property with Premier Irrigation‘s landscape lighting solutions. Transform your outdoors into a captivating, secure, and valuable space, and enjoy the benefits of low voltage, energy-efficient lighting. Contact us today for a consultation.