Snow Removal Options

Snow Removal Options Ottawa

Winter is coming. Is commercial snow removal a service you want to budget for this year? Just what can you expect when you hire a company to keep your property free of ice and snow? Hiring someone to provide this service can range from giving a neighborhood handyman a few dollars to clear your sidewalk, to contracting for complete snow removal for an entire property.

The Basics

Snow removal by individuals is usually limited to jobs that can be done with a minimum of equipment in a short amount time.If your property can be cleared by one worker with a shovel and a bag of salt, this level of service may be all you need. Even at this level, however, the contract must be clear as to when the work will be done and how much snowfall will trigger an automatic visit. Typically, snow shovels, brooms, scoops are the tools of the trade for a basic commercial snow removal provider.

Living in Snow Country?

The basic service may not be the best choice if you live in an area with consistent and substantial snowfalls. Snow removal in Ottawa, for instance, will be more important than in warmer climates. A professional commercial snow removal company will have the equipment necessary to deal with most of nature’s challenges. The neighbor with a plow on his pick up truck or access to a snowblower might be enough for the occasional snowstorm, but to ensure safety and .avoid being snowed in, look to the pros.

What Can a Commercial Snow Removal Company Do for You?

Contracting a company can be a lot like choosing from a menu. You can have the contractor come to your property and assess what is needed, or you can make those choices yourself. A large company will have all the services you may need. A complete job may include driveways, walks, and steps. Most companies can provide ice removal, either with chemicals or by chopping at the ice with a pick or spade.

Deciding What You Need

The driveway: This is usually priority one. Get that cleared so you can get out in time for work.. Walks and pathways: To get out of the driveway, you need to get to the driveway. If you need to walk through deep snow to get to your car, add this service. Sidewalks: Many municipalities assign responsibility for clearing the sidewalk in front of your house to the proper owner or tenant. You can avoid a ticket by adding this to your contract. If you are considering snow removal in Ottawa where you are required to keep your walks clean, add this to your list. If the company uses chemical de-icers, make sure these are permitted in your area. Roofs! Don’t just think of places where you walk or drive. Some companies will rake the snow off your roof after a big storm.

The Big Jobs

If getting your car out after a snowstorm is one of your big concerns, think of what owners of shopping malls and businesses face. A business can’t afford to shut down and inconvenience their customers because of snow. They require truly professional contractors that provide a comprehensive service and are prepared for any situation. A heavy snowfall can shut a business done for days if the premises are not cleared. Owners of apartment complexes, retail shops and entertainment venues rely on accessibility for their customers. This is the top tier of services offered by snow removal companies.

Weighing your Options

With so many options open for you, the final decision will be just how many of the services do you need and which company can offer the best pricing.

Snow Removal in Ottawa

Snowy cities have their own special considerations. If you live in a place that is going to require snow removal on a regular basis, it would be a good idea to talk over the basics with any company you are considering hiring. You will especially want clarification about when they will show up on any given day. For information on snow removal in Ottawa, check some YELP reviews and the Better Business Bureau. A good source of local companies to consider can be found on kijiji
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