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Premier Service & Maintenance

Irrigation systems need to be serviced yearly in order to keep them in good working order. Our dedicated service and maintenance packages will add years to your irrigation system’s life and protect your investment!

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Irrigation system not working? Premier can provide an estimate and complete any necessary repairs to get your system running like new again.

Premier Service & Maintenance Packages

Basic — Winterization only

Classic — Start-up + Winterization

Premier — Start-up + Mid-Season Check + Winterization

Premier Plus — Start-up + Mid-Season Check + Winterization + Central Control System Monitoring



Start-up service and maintenance will ensure that all of your irrigation system components are working correctly, improving your water efficiency over the course of the season.

Mid-Season Check

Recommended for those that would rather focus on summer fun, rather than making the necessary adjustments to keep your irrigation system running at its full potential. We will ensure that all heads are optimally placed; all zones are working properly, and will reprogram the timer to compensate for any seasonal changes your property may require.


This is a must-have service to protect your investment. Once the weather gets cold in the fall, get winter-ready by flushing all water from your irrigation system r to prevent freezing and cracking.

Central Control System Monitoring

Central control systems are the leading edge technology that will save more water on a commercial property than anything else on the market. Central control systems allow your commercial irrigation system to be controlled directly from Premier’s office. A flow sensor is installed to take readings and will average out the normal consumption for each irrigation zone on your property. If an above average reading is detected, commonly caused by a broken sprinkler head or leak in a line, then the central control system automatically adjusts the timer setting to shut off the effected zone and sends an error to Premier so that a service tech can be dispatched for the repair.

Thousands and thousands of dollars are wasted each year by commercial properties when broken sprinklers or leaking pipes go unnoticed for weeks. A central control system will eliminate this problem and give you peace of mind. This technology also gives Premier the capability to monitory your system remotely and immediately shut down and restart your irrigation system, should the need arise. Property owners will be able to see a large savings on their water bill immediately after installation.

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